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Our coasters are a collaborative project that we started making in 2017. It took a good 6 months for us to perfect our method, as from start to finish, these can take up to 7 days to make! It starts with British made tiles that we add our original printmaking artwork to. They then get coated in a thick layer of heavy duty resin, making them waterproof and heat resistant - perfect for resting your favourite cuppa on! Felt feet and our details are added on the bottom to keep them stable.

With the nature of the process, each coaster that we make is totally unique. Much as we have tried, we can never create the same artwork again, but this is what makes them so special. The floral designs are created by Gracie, using foraged flowers and leaves, as well as handout stencils and materials. Each print can go through the press several times to produce different shades and opacities. The geometric triangles and hexagons are made by Susy, using the flat colours that are created when the roller is cleaned of ink. This way the colour palette works across all the designs with the added benefit of minimal wasted paper.